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- An Academy for Pharmacy and Pharmacology
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Pharmalife Academy is an academy for pharmacy and pharmacology. It provides online test packages for pharmacy related competitive and recruitment exams like Diploma in Pharmacy Exit Examination (DPEE), Pharmacist Recruitment Exam, GPAT, NIPER, Drug Inspectors,etc. All the Pharmacy Students (D.Pharm, B.Pharm and Pharm. D.) can practice MCQ based tests based on their syllabus. It also runs tutorials for pharmacy and pharmacology learners as well as various value added programs for healthcare students.

It tries to inspire students and not to impress them. PharmaLife Academy is sincerely committed towards the academic and professional success of Pharmacy, Medical and Nursing students. Pharmalife Academy works to bridge the gap between academic education and health industry requirements.

In order to realize its objective of shaping up world class healthcare professionals, the Academy offers personal guidance to each individual student on the basis of his/her understanding level, intelligence and future planning. In other words, it prepares the student to succeed in his/her career as a healthcare professional.

PharmaLife Academy strongly believes that if a student gets a little extra guidance and support from professionally experience team of faculties, he/she can easily achieve his/her goals and becomes successful in his/her profession. Every smart individual realizes the importance of getting expert help at the right juncture in his/her life

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Mr. Sunil Bakliwal (M.Pharm, S.R.F.)


Mr. Sunil Bakliwal (M.Pharm, S.R.F.) is the Founder and Director at Pharmalife Academy, Pune. He is a passionate teacher and a well known author. He is a registered pharmacist in the state of Maharashtra with Maharashtra State Pharmacy Council. Also, he is a life member of Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India (APTI).


Recipient of Senior Research Fellowship (SRF)
by Life Science Research Board-Defence Research Development Organisation (LSRB-DRDO), Government of India.
Recipient of Junior Research Fellowship (JRF)
by AICTE, Govt. of India, during M. Pharm.
Co-author of
Integration of Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines into Modern Medicinal Practices (First edition) – Nirali Prakashan, Pune.
Co-author of
Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics: As per PCI Regulation (Second edition) – Nirali Prakashan, Pune.
Co-author of
A Glimpse of Novel Vesicular Drug Delivery Systems (Third edition) – Nirali Prakashan,Pune.


First Class
First Class
First Class
(National level Test for PG Admission)–2000 with 95.30 Percentile

He is into Academics for more than 19 years. He has founded Pharmalife Academy in the year 2016 with the aim of making pharmacy and pharmacology study interesting, exciting and lively. His goal is to equip pharmacy students with all necessary skills to make a successful career. Also, he is committed to spread knowledge of pharmacology and modern medicine among Ayurvedic and Homeopathic students and practitioners to help them understand the advancement in the field of medicine globally.

Before setting up of the academy he provided his services as Lecturer, Asst. Professor and Post graduate teacher in many well known pharmacy colleges.

So far, he has guided 25 students for M.Pharm. He is involved in research activities related to Ayurvedic formulations such as Asava-Arishtas, herbal ophthalmic preparations, bhasmas preparations and formulation and process development in Indian System of Medicine. He has more than 25 research and review publications in many national and international journals on his name.

He worked as a Senior Research Fellow (S.R.F.) for an L.S.R.B.- D.R.D.O. sponsored project at Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Poona College of Pharmacy, Pune. As S.R.F. he worked on Development and Optimization of Novel Drug Delivery Systems for Phytopharmaceuticals. Earlier he also worked as S.R.F. for the project entitled Experimental and Clinical Evaluation of Rasayana Karma of Standardised Krishnavajrabhraka Bhasma in Shwasa-vyadhi in the department of Rasashastra-bhaishajya Kalpanavigyan at Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, College of Ayurveda, Pune for a period of six months.

He is M. Pharm in Pharmaceutics from University Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nagpur University, Nagpur. During his M.Pharm, he worked on “Formulation and Evaluation of Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Inflammatory Herbal Eye Drop”, under the guidance of Mr. B.K. Shrikhande, Director: Baidyanath Research Foundation, Nagpur.
He completed B.Pharm and D.Pharm from Vidyabharati College of Pharmacy, Amravati, Maharashtra.

He passed D.Pharm, B.Pharm and M.Pharm with First Class. Also, he qualified GATE (National level Test for PG Admission)–2000 with 95.30 Percentile. He is recipient of Senior Research Fellowship (SRF) by Life Science Research Board-Defence Research Development Organisation (LSRB-DRDO), Government of India and Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) by AICTE, Govt. of India, during M. Pharm. He is a good reader, an enthusiastic teacher, trustworthy and dedicated to his profession.