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Refund and Cancellation Policy

    1. We follow no refund policy. We do not provide any refund for cancellation of registration for the courses and payment made for test packages. You are requested to understand the course and test package details before making the payment.
  • 2. We will refund the full fees paid for a course only if the course is cancelled by us due to but not limited to, technical problems, insufficient registrations, trainer unavailability, or if the trainer could not attend due to unforeseen circumstances. Here it should be noted that we reserve the right to reschedule the course at a later time.

www.pharmalifeacademy.com is a platform where experts from Pharmacy, Medical and other Healthcare fields place details of their lectures or courses they wanted to conduct online/offline for the students, practitioners and professionals from the above mentioned fields. This platform makes it easier for the interested candidate to register for the experts’ lectures or courses. These experts prepare their lectures according to the background and need of the registered candidates well in advanced. Also, this website is an online test portal where different experts prepare test packages for pharmacy related competitive exams like GPAT, NIPER, D.I., Pharmacists. All Pharmacy Students (D.Pharm, B.Pharm and Pharm. D.) can practice MCQs based on their syllabus for their sessional and university examinations.

We try our best to provide you accurate and correct information in test packages. However, we do not warrant that the content of the test package is accurate or error-free. We clearly and explicitly disclaim any responsibility for the correctness, accuracy, reliability of the content of the test package. You are supposed to use test packages on our website with your own judgment and you will be completely responsible for any outcome of that information. If you find any error or have doubts about questions and answers in test packages, please write to us at admin@pharmalifeacademy.com


  • 1. Refund of fees paid for the courses cancelled by us will be processed within 15 days of cancellation of the course.
  • 2. We will make the reimbursement using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction.
  • 3. If you have any questions about this refund and cancellation policies please contact us at admin@pharmalifeacademy.com or call 7588834590.
    • Pharmalife Academy may modify its refund policy at any time without notice, provided however that the refund policy in effect at the time of any transaction shall apply to such transaction despite any subsequent change in such policy.