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11 Dec


India is one of the strongest economies in the world today. Indian Pharmaceutical industry is ranked 3rd globally in terms of volume and 10th in terms of value. The Indian Pharmaceutical Sector is poised to grow to US$ 100 billion by 2025. India is heading towards becoming the Pharmacy of the World. The pharmacy students who dream to become pharmacy entrepreneur can make a successful career for themselves as well as support the pharmacy profession in India to grow at a faster speed.

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13 Dec

Chain Pharmacy: The Future of Retail Pharmacy

Chain Sales Pharmacy is a growing industry worldwide. Today, the chain sales industry is worth 1004 $ billion worldwide. In this industry, North America is the most retail industrialized part of the world. It is followed by Asia. Chain pharmacy is also gaining ground in India. The organized retail pharmacy space in India has been steadily growing in the past decade. According to business data platform, Statista, the organized pharmacy and wellness space across India is estimated to penetrate 13 percent of the retail market this year, indicating a growth from 11 percent in 2018.

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15 Jan

Need of Exit Examination in Pharmacy

The author of the article is Senior Lecturer at Bharati Vidyapeeths Institute of Pharmacy, Pune.

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24 Oct


Pharmacology is the science of drugs. It describes the interaction between drugs and organisms. Pharmacology includes the knowledge of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of drugs along with their dosage forms and therapeutic uses.

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14 Feb

Pharmacist Recruitment Exam

It is a dream of many diploma holder and graduate registered pharmacists to enter into the Government Services as a pharmacist to serve the nation. As the posts for Govt. pharmacist are limited in comparison to the availability of registered pharmacists in India, there is a huge competition among the pharmacists for these posts. So Govt. agencies conduct recruitment examinations and interviews to select the best candidate for these posts.

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02 Apr


Diploma in Pharmacy Exit Examination (DPEE) will be conducted as per gazette notification of Pharmacy council of India dated 24th February, 2022 to declare a Diploma in Pharmacy holder eligible for enrollment and practice as a registered pharmacist. As per the circular by Pharmacy council of India, dated 22nd December 2023, the Council is going to conduct the Diploma in Pharmacy Exit Examination (DPEE) in July – September 2024 for 2022-2024 academic session through NBEMS.

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05 Apr

NBEMS Releases Official Dates for DPEE and GPAT

NBEMS shall be conducting the DPEE and GPAT as per the calendar mentioned below, until any further updates: DPEE date: 5th & 6th October 2024; GPAT date: 8th June 2024; To download the detail NOTICE, click the link given below.

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12 May

Best Classes for Diploma in Pharmacy Exit Exam

Pharmalife Academy - An academy for Pharmacy and Pharmacology is in service of the Pharmacy Students since 2016. The Founder and Director of the Academy is a passionate teacher and a well-known and popular author for his books like Diploma in Pharmacy Exit Examination (DPEE), Pharmacist Recruitment Exams, Pharmacotherapeutics, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, and more.

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