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Dr. Bhushan Rane

Dr. Bhushan Rane

Professor and Head at Department of Pharmaceutics

Dr. Bhushan Rajendra Rane is at present Professor and Head at Department of Pharmaceutics, Shri. D. D. Vispute, College of Pharmacy and Research Center, New Panvel affiliated to Mumbai University. He is FDA Approved Analyst for testing of drugs and cosmetics..

He has over 15 years of teaching and research experience. Till date, he has guided more than 50 students for M. Pharm. He has published more than 75 peer reviewed research and review articles in national and international journals..

He has co-authored 7 books at National level and 15 book chapters at international level. He is a reviewer for several scientific and international journals. He received grant upto Rs. 15 Lakhs from various apex bodies for research. His research interests are focused around plan, improvement and portrayal of vesicular, microparticulate, nanoparticulate systems of phytopharmaceuticals and advancement of different solid dosage forms for oral conveyance of herbal medicines..